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do you have a follow forever? I'm looking for more blogs to follow


I have one but it’s so old and now that you mention it, I should really make a new one. In the meantime, I hope you don’t mind if I recommend some blogs to you this way:

Whatever you do, you should follow my other half, otherwise known as theillusivewoman. If you follow me but don’t follow Sam then… I don’t know, but it’s wrong.

Other great blogs to follow are edenprimes, exaltedmarching, yuniper, drthmaul, rypleytrevelyan, sihah, volpestarks, sheptsoni, glitchfemme, antonsokolov, twistedsinews, abrahamford, problematiquemonsters, gristol, siribear, no-puppy-eyes, couslands, postscriptforfinales, daaud, sspacer, aedancousland, calyxofawildflower, velocitti, madame-de-fer, maraschinocheri, courfey and mustbemyimagination.

All these blogs either create wonderful graphics, write beautiful fics, draw gorgeous fanart, have great opinions that they aren’t afraid to voice, or just have very pretty, pretty blogs in general.

There are so many more that I must be forgetting and that I will include in my follow forever, but I figured I’d answer this message as soon as I could.

be the kind of person that samuel beechworth would respect


Custom Video Game Challenge

└ four concept arts —  D i s h o n o r e d — [2/4]

vorkosigans replied to your post: “[[MOR] so my dad and i were discussing shit and it comes up that…”:
secular morality is a thing, who knew right??

not that he knows of, unfortunately. my dad is a good person, but he’s extremely old fashioned in his beliefs. he thinks that without a central spiritual figure in your life, people will make selfish and evil choices. i’m just hoping that he’ll eventually realize how silly that is with time. : /

" I can feel a great age ending "

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Citadel DLC
Video Games Scenery - Dishonored - Part 1 (3/?)
  1. outsider: *making my way downtown, walking fast*
  2. anton sokolov: hi
  3. outsider: *walking faster*
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