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    - “Hmm, surprising.”
    - “Surprising that it worked?”
    - “Surprising that it didn’t kill him.”

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    upcoming video games

    i know you like this whole lone wolf thing you got going for yourself, but i’ve seen the way you look at snow, okay? you’re not foolin’ me.

    favorite video games (in no particular order) → 4 / ?
    ↳ the wolf among us

    ⇀wildflower no longer

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    ↳  asked: The Walking Dead Game or The Wolf Among Us

    Bigby in Cry Wolf. (◡‿◡✿)

    (Pascal set off my Cutie Alarm!) Hello Doctor, what is your specialty?

    Pascal specializes in medicinal herbs and remedies - while most of the other Gristolians scoff at ancient Pandyssian remedies (tools of the Outsider!) Pascal utilizes the healing power they possess and always loves experimenting. He also does house calls and tried his hardest to aid those who were suffering from the rat plague - unfortunately to no avail. :c